Once at the stud farm "Georgenburg"

On 28th of October on a stud farm “Georgenburg” there was an recent competition for the cup of the “Kalinigrad`s branch of the Saint`s-Petersburg agro-cultural state university”. Before the beginning of a competition, Bakunovich greeted the participants of the tournament and wished them a great start, which was taken for granted by Maria Belova, with her wonderful horse “Eastbridge” and also Maria Dolya with her horse “Arabia”, taking top places in the competition.
A couple of Maria Belova and horse Eastbridge participated in a competition with the height of the obstacles reaching 110 centimeters and took a first place.
The route was passed perfectly, as fast as possible, which gave an opportunity to overpass all of the participants of the competition and take the cup and a honorable certificate!
A couple of Maria Dolya and horse Arabia participated in a competition with a height of the obstacles reaching 100 centimeters and took a second place, which was granted with a certificate and a silver medal.
Horse riders of a “HorseFarm39” team took the prizes again, which cannot be unremarked.
We congratulate our winners and wish to always take top places!